Roman Abramovich Sells Chelsea to Todd Boehly 

English Premier League football club Chelsea FC is officially for sale. Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich has stated that he is selling Chelsea. As a result, United States billionaire Todd Boehly and his consortium have agreed on terms to buy Chelsea. It is hoped that by the end of May 2022, all processes will be completed. 

In early March 2022, Abramovich announced plans to sell his club. This is the aftermath of the sanctions imposed by the English Premier League in connection with Vladimir Putin`s decision to invade Ukraine. In the end, Abramovich, who is also a resident of Russia, was also affected. Abramovich himself stated that he did not want to profit from the sale of the club. 

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This process seems to be going smoothly. The manager of the English League wants Abramovich to immediately return Abramovich’s investment money so that the buying and selling process can run immediately. Quoted from The Sun, Abramovich now intends to donate his wealth or proceeds from the sale of his club to charity for all victims of the war in Ukraine. 

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Finally, Todd Boehly, who is also the owner of the LA Dodgers baseball team, is reportedly willing to buy Chelsea for £4.25 billion. This amount includes the investment loan money returned to Abramovich. 

The Blues club confirmed that some of the money will be deposited into a British bank account and frozen. The goal is that the money can be used as Abramovich’s message to help victims of the war in Ukraine. All financial payments are processed through the Bank of England. The goal is to complete the entire process and have Bruce replaced soon by the end of May 2022. 

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