Recover Together and Recover Stronger

Food crisis is not the first time and we must found the real solutions that making impact to increase food productions around the world – Dr Homi Kharas, Brookings Institution

As we know, this year Indonesia is the head of the G20 organization and will be the chairman of ASEAN in 2023.

In the midst of a crisis situation that is hitting the world, now the world needs a solution that is applicable, efficient and adaptable. 

With the theme “Recover Stronger and Recover Together”, Indonesia is expected to provide a breakthrough that is very easy and sustainable to be carried out by G20 member countries and generally becomes a legacy of Indonesia’s policies in world politics. 

We look forward inclusive and sustainable solutions – Prof Peter Drysdale, East Asian Bureau of Economic Research

Like the problem of the food crisis which will soon disrupt the lives of people around the world due to the turmoil of one of the major food producing countries due to conflict. 

Problems like this have happened before but have only succeeded in triggering short-term policies that have no real impact on improving the food supply chain, both on a regional and international scale. 

Now we need to think long and find a way out of every problem in a more simple, adaptive and sustainable way. 

What we have to do is look for one main problem that is the main problem for the G20 members so that we can work together to be able to solve these problems in the long term – Dr Chatib Basri, Indonesian Economist and Indonesian Minister of Finance (21 May 2013 – 20 October 2014)

We realize that the G20 must make many organizational and cultural adjustments so that it is not only an important organization but also has a big impact on its members. 

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The G20 must adapt to the reality and reality that is currently happening, technological developments and digitalization are inevitable. 

Now organizations of the caliber of the G20 are being pushed to become more than just an important and prestigious organizational forum for their members. 

However, organizations like the G20 are encouraged to become organizations whose presence can have a broad impact on member countries and the state of the world economy in general. 

Indonesia’s policies that will be taken in this year’s G20 presidency will immediately be tested for their commitment next year when Indonesia becomes the chair of Asean. 

We hope that the golden opportunity that will be held by Indonesia is used as well as possible and encourages cooperation to solve problems in a more adaptive and sustainable way. 

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