Real Madrid’s Magic Goal in the Final Champions League 2022

Real Madrid FC was declared the champion of the Champions League (UCL) 2022 after beating Liverpool FC on Saturday 28 May 2022. After this victory, Real Madrid became the team with the most Champions League titles in history, which is 14 times. To achieve this victory, Real Madrid only scored one goal in the 59th minute, through Vinicius Junior.

No matter how difficult the situation, however unlikely to win, the white team always seemed to be looking for a way to win. This time there was no comeback like against Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea, and Manchester City, but Real Madrid experienced the most dominance of Liverpool’s game. In general, this game was not interesting.

The reason is Real Madrid has difficulty fending off wave after wave of attacks from Liverpool. Even the game commentators said that Carlo Ancelotti’s side’s chances were slim and slim, but they could at least steal a goal. Turns out that comment happened.

Vinicius Junior was left unmarked at the far post in the 59th minute to collect a low cross from Federico Valverde and secure a 10th win and 14th European crown for Real Madrid. Real Madrid defender Nacho described his side’s performance in the final as a miracle.

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When the final whistle sounded, the entire Real Madrid team jumped onto the pitch. In addition to hugging, some players share the joy with fans. It was a night of trials and tribulations for Real Madrid in this year’s Champions League, but there wasn’t much that could be done.

Not even this incredible Liverpool side could have been champions if the Whites were destined to take the trophy home. Unfortunately, the evening was marred by security issues outside the stadium, which resulted in fans climbing through the gates and others being hit by tear gas.

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The problem made the organizing committee postpone the match. This delay affected the players, it seemed they could not play optimally at the start of the game as both teams struggled to find their rhythm in the early stages.

Real Madrid thus managed to extend the record number of Champions League final wins recorded in 15 finals by Real Madrid. They can win up to 13 times or an almost absolute final match victory for Real Madrid in the champions league.

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