Michael Jordan Approaches Mike D’Antoni to become Hornets Coach

If you are an NBA fan, then of course you understand that Michael Jordan is the owner of the Charlotte Hornets club. The Chicago Bulls legend has been dominated by the Hornets since February 27, 2010.

Jordan also played exclusively on the team, including in this dominant season recruiting LaMelo Ball. Now the player who is considered the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) plans to find a new instructor for his team. Jordan’s target is Mike D’Antoni, a former Houston Rockets instructor.

Mike D’Antoni is an instructor who has won the NBA Coach of The Year title twice (2005 & 2017). But a year ago, he did not accept the job of being a head coach. Precisely after leaving the Houston Rockets, which he held from 2016 to 2020.

While during the 2020-21 season, he only served as assistant instructor to Steve Nash on the Brooklyn Nets. In fact, in the 2021-22 season, he was not seen on the NBA team bench.

Modern news delivered by Adrian Wojnarowski according to ESPN about D’Antoni has something to do with using the Charlotte Hornets. According to Wojnarowski, Michael Jordan, who owns the Hornets, will meet with Mike D’Antoni this week.

Michael Jordan

Mike D’Antoni is the second candidate after the Golden State Warriors assistant instructor and former Brooklyn Nets head coach, Kenny Atkinson. However, netizens seem to have received positive reactions regarding this coverage. Because, D’Antoni is believed to be the right person to hold the Hornets, especially because of the existence of LaMelo Ball. In light of his success with the Rockets between 2016 and 2020.

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D’Antoni led the Rockets to the semifinals of the Western Conference four times, and entered the Conference Finals once in 2018. He also renewed James Harden as a points monster in the NBA. Apparently, netizens hope D’Antoni can make similar changes to the Hornets. Mainly created LaMelo so for example Harden.

However, there is a bad record that tarnishes his name. Because prior to the Rockets, D’Antoni handled the New York Knicks & Los Angeles Lakers. It turned out that at the two clubs, he did not bring about changes. His career travel record is also not good. D’Antoni often leaves the team when times are tough.

Out of 5 times as head instructor, he resigned four times, & reached out to other teams’ offers. He often avoids sacking, and seems irresponsible using the team’s situation. But, let’s just wait, who will be chosen by Michael Jordan to be the instructor of the Hornets in front of dominant expression.

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