Marc Márquez’s Last Match MotoGP 2022.

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Italian GP Race on Sunday 29 May 2022 is the toughest race for Marc Márquez. The reason is, the Repsol Honda racer will not compete again this season. Marquez will most likely wait until the end of the 2022 season as he will undergo a fourth operation on his right arm.

How Yahoo!Sports, Marc Márquez will once again be out of the competition indefinitely. The Spaniard will go to the operating room to heal his right arm. As we know, Marc is still not 100% cured. He will undergo all four on his humerus.

“It was a very complicated weekend, especially in terms of concentration. On a physical level, everything I suffered last time, everything I dealt with last time, everything I felt has hurt me and although I’m not telling the truth, it is, but not. truthfully had the same question at the press conference”, said Márquez before the race. At the GP

Italy According to Marc, the medical team by Dr Samuel Antuna from the United States was good from his humerus, Although since the first operation a year had passed, Marc got the news ahead of the Italian GP. The news immediately plunged him into the unknown, especially mentally.

Marc Marquez
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Because he had to fight for Honda, but his physical condition did not support it. “It was very difficult. Especially from a psychological point of view. Am I afraid of the fourth surgery? No but I see myself from the other side.

Maybe I should improve my running technique or something. Hopefully in the future it can be even better,” he said. The only way Marc Márquez can confirm humerus surgery is through. Because if not done immediately the operation will have an impact on the surrounding area. And Marquez is already starting to feel the symptoms. Because another part of his right arm hurts.

Marc himself prayed that this would be his last operation. So that he can return to his normal appearance as in the future. “Doctors have seen where the problem was before. The arm rotation was too much, so surgery was needed. It was a difficult decision, but it has to be done. I wish him a good recovery,” concluded Marc Márquez

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Although Marc didn’t say if he would. whether he will return to the MotoGP world or not, but there are still many MotoGP fans who yearn for him to appear in every MotoGP match that is held. We just pray that Marc can return to normal and compete in MotoGP.

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