Manchester City Confident To Win Premier League 2023

Man City manager Pep Guardiola is indifferent about Aston Villa, their opponent in the last week of the Premier League this season. He warned his players to just enjoy the moment against Aston Villa so as not to be affected by the amount of pressure at the party.

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The race for the Premier League title this season lasted until the last week. Currently, Man City is only one point ahead of Liverpool, which is ranked second. Manchester City will face Aston Villa the last weekend. The match will take place at the Etihad Stadium Victory and will ensure The Citizens become champions. However, if it slips at this last corner, then Man City can be overtaken by its rivals.

Guardiola is well aware of the pressure that comes before the match against Aston Villa. Therefore, he did not want to think too hard, including tactics in the match. “We can’t control it, it’s just a football match. Don’t think about the consequences if we win or not. Think about what we have to do to beat Aston Villa,” Guardiola told the club’s official website.

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Pep Guardiola insists his squad will play optimally and without a burden.

“Are they going to play with Ings and Watkins or just with Watkins? Playing with defensive midfielders or not? This is what we have to deal with. “Should we be worried? No, going to the game to try to enjoy the moment. If we’re having a hard time, let’s go again and try to enjoy it.

“From my experience, that’s the best way to approach this situation.” Anything can happen in a game this weekend. Guardiola again appealed to his players to remain calm no matter what happened on the pitch.

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“You have to expect something but we know we can react in the best way.”

“It’s hard to control your emotions when you know what you’re playing for. The players are human but this is football, when you think it’s over, it’s not over. “We have to do exactly what we have been doing in the last month. The importance of not having to tell them. They know it, they feel it.”

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