LeBron James is a role model of Klay Thompson in “Caring for the Body”.

An interesting statement was made by Klay Thompson in a conversation with Maverick Carter about the NBA, business, and finance. The Golden State Warriors star admitted that what he had in mind was income without investment, especially making money with his body as an asset. Clay now mimics the way LeBron James takes care of his body. He wants a long career in the NBA. 

As a professional athlete, one of the tips is to stay healthy and healthy. Because, if health is not maintained, then an athlete will lose his income. LeBron James is a real example in sports, especially in the NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers star spends more than US $ 1 million every year to take care of his body. Keeping his body healthy to compete in the league. 

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“First and foremost for me is investing in health. It makes sense when I hear that LeBron James spends $ 1 million a year. With that $ 1 million investment, he earned $ 80 to $ 90 million annually. It made sense to me and was an easy decision, “he said. 

Clay reflects Lebron’s right decision.  Now that his health is back, then he must be ready to take care that there are no problems in his body. Klay who played again with Stephen Curry brought a big change for the Golden State Warriors. Therefore, they cannot be separated anymore. 

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Klay said that he experienced a big change when he entered the NBA. He was drafted as an 11thorder NBA Draft player and got a 4year contract worth US $ 10 million. Just imagine if a child who had just graduated from college suddenly had that much money. Klay himself was initially not ready for the contract. There is even a unique story where he spent the US $ 35 thousand to buy a pool table from his first salary. 

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But that phase has passed. Now Klay is a player who cares about his health. He intends to set aside his income, no matter how big, to do body care. This is so that he does not encounter problems in one season so that his income can be intact. As he told Maverick Carter in the episode Uninterrupted at Chase Center. 

For better information, Maverick Carter is a well known entrepreneur and financial expert in the United States. He has served as LeBron James’ business manager since 2006. Carter was also the person who proposed to LeBron James to buy shares in Liverpool FC. He and Lebron formed Spring Hill Entertainment as a companion to Warner Bros. and eventually created the movie Space Jam. In 2021, Carter and Lebron bought a stake in the Boston Red Sox.

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