Growth vs Fixed Mindset: Let’s Get To Know It Closer!

The terms growth and fixed mindset are probably very common you hear every day. However, do you recognize the characteristics and effects of each?

Fixed and growth mindsets are general human mindsets that are very different and can be said to be at odds with each other. So starting from the name, it is no longer the same and there are many people in the world with different thinking patterns.

Getting to know the terms fixed and growth mindset was first coined by a Stanford University researcher, Prof. Carol Dweck. He is a researcher as well as a famous book author.

In his research, he tries to explain that the mindset of humans has different beliefs. This can lead to the emergence of different and interesting mindsets to be investigated more deeply.

To facilitate the discussion limits, we will study one by one the characteristics of the existing limits of these two patterns of thinking. It is hoped that we can learn from each other about growth and the fixed mindset.

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Fixed Mindset

A fixed mindset is a fixed mindset where talent is absolute. Adherents of this understanding think that talents and abilities in a person are fixed and cannot be developed or changed at all.

So what is in him, both intelligence and other talents, is impossible to develop outside of what he already has. Adherents of this understanding are of the view that achieving success more than what he has is impossible and his struggles stop there.

The adherents of the fixed mindset think that everything is predetermined from birth. Efforts to achieve success are futile actions and will not be achieved. Adherents of the fixed mindset tend to give up very easily when faced with impossible conditions and have not been tried optimally.

Another characteristic is that they are always discouraged when they get rejection or failure which makes it difficult for them to develop. This must be changed because it hinders your development.

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Growth Mindset

People with a growth mindset have a more open mind, and they are well aware that quality can be earned through effort and determination.

Allah will not change a people unless the people themselves try to change it themselves —- Qur’an

Adherents of the growth mindset, really appreciate the process and consider failure as one of the paths that must be passed to achieve success.When they face obstacles and obstacles they will be more motivated to be able to solve them. It is not surprising that they can master new things despite having difficulties in the beginning.

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When they make a mistake they do not focus on the mistake but instead, do self-introspection. Because believing talent alone is not enough without being supported by hard work to be better.

But the key to becoming a growth mindset is to live without envy, jealousy, and envy. Live in love and love without expecting that love to return.No matter how small the role you take on, you will still be a great leader for yourself and no matter how big the role you take on, you will still be a servant to Allah — RMND

Life is a choice, no one can determine the best mindset for everyone. However, if you think your mindset should be changed for the better. No one will be able to stop you and you will be the one who will get positive results.

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