Five Factors Celtics Win against Warriors in First Game of the 2022 NBA Finals

The Boston Celtics left the entire Chase Center silent as they won Game One of the 2022 NBA Finals, against the Golden State Warriors. The home crowd could not stand to see their proud team lose 108-120, Friday, June 3, 2022. The Celtics trailed by 12 points in the third quarter, but they went 17-0 in the fourth quarter to wrap up their first win in the 2022 NBA Finals.

The Celtics not only scored a 1-0 advantage in the 2022 NBA Finals. They also put the Warriors in the first defeat at home during the 2022 NBA Playoffs. Although Curry appeared fierce, the Celtics displayed a good defense in the fourth quarter.

The victory should be grateful for the Celtics considering, the victory was obtained according to the game in the Warrior cage. But will the Warriors just keep silent in the face of the Celtics’ superiority?

Here are five primary factors that could make the Celtics win in Game One of the 2022 NBA Finals:

1. Al Horford Hits Big on His First Final Appearance

Al Horford has played in the NBA since 2007 & has appeared in the Playoffs 13 times in 15 seasons. However, on the journey of his career, he is only now appearing in the Final. In other words, in 141 Playoff appearances, he has only appeared in the NBA Finals once.

There was no awkwardness in his final debut. Even Horford was able to score six three points and contributed 26 points, 6 rebounds & three assists. This record is the highest in his career and the most record for a player who first appeared in the NBA Finals.

“I’m grateful to have gotten to this point. Glad to be able to make a platform using the Celtics team. What we are doing now is the best thing in my career,” said Horford. Horford was outstanding in the fourth quarter when the Celtics made a comeback. He scored field goals 4/4 or plenary to score 11 points. Horford hit a 3-pointer midway through the fourth quarter which turned things around for the Celtics. 

Horford was in charge of guarding the defense, but when he was also able to contribute points, the Celtics became a haunted team for example in this First Game.

2. Derrick White Step-Up

When the Celtics swapped Josh Richardson, the 2021 first-round pick, and the 2028 first-round pick in favor of Derrick White according to the San Antonio Spurs, there were concerns about the line-up. But gradually White was very suited to use the Celtics, especially when he replaced Marcus Smart.

In-Game One of the 2022 NBA Finals, White again showed a brilliant game. He & Smart just worked together to stem the aggression of Stephen Curry & his friends. Regarding points, White finished the match using a record of 21 points & three assists. He made 5 three-point shots.

White can dart around the screen and delay players like Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Jordan Poole. White for the second time to score 20 points or more in the playoffs. “White does everything,” says Celtics instructor Ime Udoka. 

“He’s played as a playmaker, marksman, and defender. If you’re talking about the Celtics being nothing without Marcus Smart, then I’d say we can play anything with Derrick White.”

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3. Celtics Comeback in Fourth Quarter

The Celtics entered the fourth quarter on a matter of focus using a 12-point lead. While all commentators have been confident that the Warriors won this match. Because Steve Kerr’s team had previously won 9-0 at home during the 2022 NBA Playoffs.

Tatum is heavily guarded, leaving the Celtics with no choice. They must find another point scorer. But it turns out that exactly what happened surprised NBA fans. Tatum was very effective when he was a playmaker. Tatum put assists for the Celtics 20 points in the fourth quarter.

The Celtics beat the Warriors as they cruised 17-five midway through the fourth quarter. They led 40-16 during the fourth quarter. Even the Celtics scored a margin of 24 points, which became the largest record in the fourth quarter in NBA Finals history.

“Just shoot,” said Al Horford after the win. “That’s what we don’t forget throughout the game. We are not the best players in the league, but we can fight and find a way to win.”

4. Jayson Tatum Becomes a Playmaker

At the beginning of the match, Jayson Tatum was less efficient. He scored 12 points using a three-shot accuracy according to 17 tries. Throughout the season, this is the second bad performance from him. But instructor Ime Udoka has a great way. Utilize Tatum’s skill to split the ball. The results were outstanding, especially in the fourth quarter.

Tatum scored 13 assists, which was his career-high. Also as the record for most assists for an NBA player who first appeared in the final. Tatum did not give up hope when his shot failed, instead he looked for a way to distribute the ball to his teammates.

“Yes, I think this is a message according to the instructor. I was asked to share myself. Playing extraordinary. Usually, I score points, but now I help the team differently,” said Tatum.

5. Steph Curry sets record, but drops in the fourth quarter

In contrast to using Jayson Tatum, Stephen Curry appeared effective in the first quarter. He was able to set an NBA record. In the first quarter, Curry scored 21 points using 6 times three points. The six 3-pointers were the most a player made in a quarter in the NBA Finals.

A record of 21 points, also the most scores made by a player in a quarter in the NBA Finals since Michael Jordan in 1993. Curry continued to score points to finish the game using a record of 34 points, five rebounds, and five assists. Unfortunately, it was not seen again in round 2.

There were several mistakes made by the Celtics on defense, as a result of which Curry was free-standing without an escort. But after it was fixed, Curry did not move. After the second quarter, Curry only scored 13 points. But he made 16 attempts to shoot. From this data, it can be concluded that if the Celtics managed to kill Stephen Curry’s convoy.

Game Two of the 2022 NBA Finals will take place Monday, June 6, 2022. The Warriors are still hosting the match. Can the Celtics still maintain their lead in the next game?

Only time will tell!

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