Erik Ten Hag’s Plan Ignites Manchester United’s Best Glory Fire

Erik Ten Hag was officially announced as the new manager of Manchester United on Monday (23/5/2022) local time. Ten Hug also has 10 plans to reclaim the glory of Manchester United. The Netherlands was appointed as the coach of the Red Devils on 21 April 2022. He replaced the role of interim coach Ralf Rangnick. 

Manchester United and Erik Ten Hag have agreed to sign a contract for three seasons or until June 30, 2025. Ten Hug, who is able to bring Ajax Amsterdam to six league titles, is expected to lead MU to success in England and Europe. After ending at Ajax, Erik Ten Hag was officially announced to the public. 

He already has an idea of ​​what needs to be done to improve the performance of the Red Devils. In addition, the 52-year-old coach reportedly received input and comments from Ralf Rangnick in assessing the behavior of the team, players and members of Manchester United. Erik Ten Hag said managing Manchester United was a big challenge at the time. 

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The reason, MU’s condition is not good and needs to be overhauled to fight for the title. “The situation is clearly not good. This is clearly a big challenge. We want to build a team that fights each other and produces solid results. 

Manchester United Golden Era

We also play in dream theater,” he told Tenwitch. “We want to cheer, but after all, the goal is to play great football. If you can’t, you have to win.” Erik Ten Hag is the lead manager of Manchester United and has 10 plans. The plan is expected to improve MU’s performance and challenge him to win titles in England and Europe.

10 plans for Eric Ten Hag at Manchester United reported by The Sun.

1. Dominate and dictate the game at all times

2. Work hard and always give 100 percent

3. Updating the squad

4. The club is surrounded by competent and qualified people

5. Implement a total high-pressing playing style

6. Leverage Manchester United’s young talent

7. Play as a team, not individuals

8. Win battles in a spectacular and adventurous way

9. Implement a fighter culture

10. Channeling crowd energy at Old Trafford

Do you think Manchester United can return to its golden age and glory, when will it be ?

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