Elon Musk is taking special action in Brazil 

Dublin, Wednesday 31th October 2013: Pictured at the The Web Summit 2013, RDS. Photo by Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media

Elon Musk visited Brazil to meet with President Jair Bolsonaro. Both people wanted to discuss possible connectivity and some projects in the Amazon rainforest.  Musk arrives in the state of São Paulo, and the Minister of Communications  

Fabio Faria holds a meeting at a luxurious resort. Using technology developed by SpaceX and Starlink, Faria sought a partnership with Mask, the wealthiest man in the world, to improve internet connectivity in local schools and medical facilities. 

Plans to protect the rainforest were also discussed. “I’m very excited to be in Brazil to launch  Starlink for environmental monitoring of 19,000 unaffiliated local schools and Amazon,” Musk tweeted Friday morning.  Does Gyle Bolsonaro want to protect the Amazon rainforest?  The National Space Agency, the Federal Police, and the Environment Agency’s Ibama are monitoring illegal activity in the Amazon rainforest. 

However, Jail Bolsonaro has begun rebellious deforestation in the Brazilian part of the Amazon.  According to official data from the National Space Agency, deforestation under Bolsonaro reached its highest annual rate in more than a decade. When he was one of the candidates, Bolsonaro’s campaign featured unpleasant rhetoric for forest dwellers. He also supported a deforestation program. 

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Statistics don’t lie, but Bolsonaro said  Amazon is “really important” to Brazil.  “We inform everyone in Brazil and the world of the Amazon, and how much harm is done to us by the liveliness of the region, how we store it, and those who spread lies about this. Areas that rely on Elon Musk to show what they are doing. “He said, “Freedom is the cement for the future,” Bolsonaro said, calling the millionaire a “legend of freedom.” called.

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