Barcelona MotoGP Game : Aleix Espargaro Mistakes Explain

MotoGP racer according to the Aprilia team, Aleix Espargaro, lived one of the most bitter moments in sport, which was celebrating an untimely victory & finishing without a podium.

The incident happened during the Barcelona GP, when the driver guessed that it was the last lap & he let off the gas, it turned out to be one lap away. Finally Espargaro had to give up the second position, & finished in fifth position.

After the race, Espargaro looked regretful & frustrated. Even in the interview session, he didn’t say much. In essence, Espargaro just wanted to apologize for making such a ridiculous mistake.

“I’m very sad. If they stabbed me now, they wouldn’t even be bleeding. I have to apologize to the team, this is a very big mistake. Mistakes like that in MotoGP shouldn’t happen if you want to fight for the title,” he said.

“I feel very bad, I can only apologize again. This can’t happen. I feel very bad for the team because we have done a very good job,” added Espargaro, who has received a pole position and a record when fastest on a motorbike His Aprilia in the qualifying session.

Aleix Espargaro missed the podium when he mistakenly guessed the Catalunya MotoGP race was over one lap before the finish. As the other racers drove past him, Espargaro realized his shocking mistake. He then started the bike again, but it was too late.

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In fact, Espargaro is not the first driver to make a mistake like that with Barcelona. Previously there were Kenny Roberts in 2006 & Julian Simon in 2009.

Turns out they all had the same reason. They misunderstood using the remaining laps when looking at the tower during the prime. Because that’s all the racers see, rather than their respective pit boards, or checkered flag raisers.

In the case of Espargaro, Aprilia’s garage is in first place after the last corner. So Espargaro often doesn’t see his own pit board. Assuming, he can see the tower while counting down the race laps. Whereas when the tower tells the number one, the race is one lap less, not over.

“My team (using the pit board) was the first after exiting the last corner. So a few laps I didn’t have time to look at the board, because I put too much emphasis on Quartararo and Jorge Martin.

I pushed to the limit so I just saw the gap using Martin, +0.6, then I looked at the tower & I saw ‘L1’. So I did one more lap & I don’t forget that here at Barcelona the last lap is ‘0’ not ‘1’. And I closed the gas on the straight,” said Espargaro.

In addition, there is also a mental factor. Espargaro felt he had given up because he was unable to reduce the 5 second gap according to the first position racer, Fabio Quartararo. The mistake had made him slip in fifth position. In addition, now Espargaro is 22 points adrift according to Quartararo in first place in the 2022 MotoGP standings.

In fact, racers also have the senses to count the race laps on the motorcycle dashboard. But the senses were also counting the warm up laps.

So racers are not able to fully rely on these senses. Thus, the conclusion that can be drawn is an indication that the race has ended is a flying checkered flag. Before seeing the flag fluttering, try to drive the motorbike.

Hopefully this mistake can be a consideration & lesson for MotoGP players & organizers to make it even better.

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